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Welcome to Civies by VotingSmarter

The Civies were created to both financially support the efforts of VotingSmarter and potentially serve as a key for our future tools dedicated to giving regular people the same political access currently only available to a wealthy few.

We believe, that by building a politically balanced platform that is a place for regular people and leaders to come together to discuss the issues they beleive in that most Americans will grow to believe that their government serves them and is no longer corrupted by money.

By minting(purchasing) 1 or 100 Civies you are joining our mission and endorsing our goals. What’s more is you will be providing the much needed money to bring our technology to life! In return you will get our deepest thanks, a cool jpeg on the ethereum blockchain, and get free VIP access to our platform that will otherwise be paid for. We thank you for considering it.

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Why NFTs?

Does your vote feel worthless?

Of course it does. 

Unfortunately, your vote is not your ticket to participate in political decision-making. In fact the dark truth is that it’s the dollars of corporations and wealthy individuals that are the tickets. They allow them to lobby the government to get the laws and policies that benefit them… not you. 

Each year billions are spent lobbying the U.S. government and understanding that it’s dollars that drives most government action gives you the power to make positive change with your dollars… if only you had enough to make a difference.

One of VotingSmarter’s core ways of fighting the imbalance of money in politics is to connect you with brands that share your values. So that when you spend your money the chain reaction of change is government policy you believe in. That way whenever you can shop with the brands that match your values and be sure that your money reinforces policies that positively impact you and your community.

But most of us can’t spend enough individually to make a difference, it’s going to take a group effort. That is why we are is tapping into the potential of blockchain technology and Web 3.0. Web 3.0 has already begun shifting power from corporations to users and communities which perfectly aligns with our goal of reversing the centralized control of government by a wealthy few and corporations.

A large, decentralized collective of users on a Web 3.0 platform could completely upend the current power structure as we know it. As a first step, we are launching this NFT collection called the Civies. Our Civies will empower holders with the power to exercise their influence over their leaders in multiple ways. Our community doesn’t require members have the same political ideology. It is quite the opposite, the only shared value required is that the arc of money’s influence over policy should be bent towards regular people and not the rich.

Our second step into the Web 3.0 universe will be our political discourse platform. More on that later…

Who’s next? Can you name all of these change-makers?