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Looking For Your Political Soulmate?

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Wondering why and how your political soulmate was Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, or Joe Biden? Or maybe you want to shop sustainably but don't know who to trust or where to go.

How VotingSmarter Works

VotingSmarter spent a lot of time and energy building our tools and it all starts with our issue questionnaire — Maybe you are asking yourself which questions, and why these? If they are neutral why did they choose biased phrase to have me respond to? Below is a brief outline of how our development team, armed with the idea for VotingSmarter, eventually ended up with the app we all know and<br> <br/> The app is a simple questionnaire where we ask you to choose as many important issues you have among the 16 given. You get matched with the politician (at the moment, presidential) who most aligns with your political bend.

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