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In 2020 we helped thousands of voters find the politicians that they could “bring home to mom” and who they should “leave on read” with our dating app for elections. Our dedicated team of over 130 volunteers conducted more than 4,000 of research on where the candidates stood on the issues, so users could be matched on the issues important to them and NOT just party or immutable characteristics like race, gender, or sexual identity.

We've teamed up with Shoppyist so you can shop your values

We've teamed up with Shoppyist so you can shop your values

Everyday big brands use YOUR money to fund THEIR values. Stop funding corporate interests and start funding the world you believe in. Start spending YOUR MONEY with the businesses that share YOUR values.

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VotingSmarter's Mission

We believe the big problems that we face as a country ARE fixable, but it will take a lot of us to do it from outside the system. But getting more people involved requires honestly, clarity, and simplicity. That's why everthing we has to be fair, fast, and fun. Our nuetrality leads to trust, and trust leads to engagement. Regular people don't have the time or energy for politics, so we have to be consise. Most people think politics feel complicated and boring, so we have to be engaging. With all this in mind we build tech and make content striving for these 3 goals:

  • Make politics easier for everyone
  • Increase primary election turnout
  • Disrupt the corruption of money in politics
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What do we look at?

We help you align with candidates & Brands based on these values




Gun Laws




Free College

Global Trade


US Military


Gov’t Debt

All The Takes

Our Podcast - Pocket Politics

Check out Pocket Politics, our breakdown of recent news and public policy from the hightly varied political perspectives of our team.


The Impartial: Our Take on News & Policy

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Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein’s Criminal Empire

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Literally so easy and quick to find out the right candidates for me.
Such a smart idea!


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So cool to take the survey in its dating app format.. the most modern and user friendly program


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Love that the app is so informative and easy to use! Looking forward to future use.

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