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We are an unbiased apolitical voter resource.  We help you find your #PoliticalMatch with our #CandidateMatchmaker, a mix of Tinder, Bumble, Hinge & politics. 

Together we can change how you find political candidates and how they find you; and ultimately change the world. We will tell you who we voted for and how we mitigate our own bias so as not to effect your choices, unlike any other data source out there. Join us! 

Stop getting catfished by your candidate or setup by your friends, family, your party, and your news bubble. No more blind votes! No more election-night stands!

Our Tools

Currently Live:

#CandidateMatchmaker, it’s #Hinge4politics. Our team has turned hours and hours of boring research into 4 minutes of "fun" with the familiar feel of a dating app. Find your #politicalMATCH!

Launching late 2020 and beyond (depending on fundraising):

Money Matrix, a campaign finance visualization tool

Candidate Snapshot, a live feed of all a candidate's social media.

Tradeoff Visualizer, imagine being in charge of everything and seeing how your policy choices impact the country.

Money Primary, imagine kickstarter for campaigns

Matchmaker2.0, same great political soulmates with way more functionality.

And...a way for you to essentially vote EVERYDAY...shhhh...you'll see

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We are a civic-tech nonprofit startup. We currently are only funded by donations. Please donate here or join our crowdfunding campaign. If you can't donate please share the #Matchmaker with as many people as you think it could help. Every dollar we raise helps 3 more voters have access to the #Matchmaker at our current cost structure and provides us the capital to build additional engaging tools.

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You can help us change elections for the better. Join US!

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