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Making a Difference While Shopping is Easy

Making a Difference While Shopping is Easy

Everyday big brands use YOUR money to fund THEIR values. Stop funding corporate interests and start funding the world you believe in. Start spending YOUR MONEY with the businesses that share YOUR values.

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Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein’s Criminal Empire

 Written by Sean Duffy: Content Writer at VotingSmarterGhislaine Maxwell, former girlfriend and close confidant to Jeffery Epstein, was found

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The United States on Marijuana

Whether you’re on a psychoactive-induced excursion with your buddy to the nearest White Castle two towns over or enjoying Mary Jane after

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Misleading Eco-Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

the world becomes increasingly aware of the threat posed by climate change, greater attention has been turned to

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The Military-Entertainment Complex and Call of Duty: A Bizarre Tale of Truth Being Stranger Than Fiction

Call of Duty, the bombastic, high-octane, arcade-shooter, has become a monolith in the games industry. The series has

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